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JUMP is Bike Share — Electrified. Help us provide the best experience to hundreds and thousands of users by becoming a JUMP Charger host today. Hosting is 100% free for approved business owners.

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Custom mobility programs tailored to meet your company’s needs. Get preferred JUMP charging stations along with discounted rates for employees.


Get students and faculty out of cars, reduce congestion, and provide a healthy, sustainable, and affordable transportation solution.

Cities & Transit agencies

JUMP is deeply committed to fully integrated partnerships with cities and transit agencies. The transportation sector is rapidly evolving — we understand we need to jointly work with cities to innovate, brainstorm, share data, and grow mobility choices together.

Property owners

Increase the value of your property with a custom built mobility-hub. Add bike and scooter parking and charging to make sure there is a constant supply of fully charged bikes for guests and tenants alike.


First Mile / Last Mile

JUMP makes the transportation system in cities more efficient by making connections quicker and easier.

Bike and Scooter Parking

An electric charging station ensures there is always a fresh supply of charged bikes and scooters for your next trip.

Reduce Parking Burden

Users who ditch their car for shared e-bikes and scooters reduce congestion and demand for parking.


JUMP Chargers are featured prominently within both the Uber and JUMP app and are seen by thousands of users each day.

Sustainable Transportation

Bikes and scooters are 100% electric and help reduce automotive vehicle miles traveled.

More Customers

We provide incentives to riders who return a bike to a JUMP Charger therefore increasing potential foot-traffic to your business.

How it works

Simply provide the space and access to an adequate electrical supply and, if selected, the rest is up to us.

JUMP’s world-class operations team will first vet your property and then handle the siting, drafting, permitting, and installation of each station on your property along with all ongoing upkeep and maintenance needs if your business is selected.

Become a host

Fill out the form in the link below if you’d like to learn more about partnering with JUMP. Our charging team will be in touch shortly.

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Become a host

Fill out the form if you’d like to learn more about partnering with JUMP. Our charging team will be in touch shortly.

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