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Sacramento Region

Meet JUMP. Electric bikes and scooters.

Reserve on Uber.


Sales tax not included.

  • Pay as you go

    $1.50 for 10 minutes
    $.20/min after that

  • 30 day plan

    $30 for 30 days (60 minutes per day included) .
    $.20/min after that


Clock starts when you reserve a bike or scooter in the Uber app.


Place a bike or scooter on hold for up to an hour. Charges apply during this time.


$25 fee for locking outside the system area.

Special Plans

Student Plan

The JUMP Student Plan is available to anyone currently enrolled in a college or university located within the Sacramento Region.

Learn more

Boost Plan

Special Plan for qualified residents. 
Just $5 for the first year.

Learn more

System area

Bikes and scooters parked outside of the zone are subject to additional fees.

Recharge your ride and earn Uber cash

If you reserve a low battery bike, and end that trip at a charging hub (⚡), you will not be charged for that ride. You will also receive Uber Cash* towards your next trip.

*The exact amount of Uber Cash will be shown in the Uber app. Offer not valid for JUMP electric scooters. Check the app for current locations of charging hubs.


You’ll be able to find and reserve a bike or scooter using the Uber app.

Lock bikes to a bike rack and park scooters on the sidewalk keeping them out of the way of pedestrians and other vehicles.