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Go further, get there faster, and have more fun.

0.20€ per minute, no unlocking fee.

Clock starts when you reserve a bike or scooter in the Uber app.

Place a bike or scooter on hold for up to an hour.

Charges apply during this time.

VAT included.

Boost Plan

Two subscription plans available in Lisbon: 30 minutes per day or 1800 minutes per month.

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Parking zone

Help us make JUMP a positive part of Lisbon by always parking responsibly. This means locking your bike to a bike rack and never blocking pavements or accessibility ramps.

Always check your app before you park to make sure you are within our service area, and never leave your bike in red no parking zones. Parking in a no-parking zone will result in a fine.

To check the no-parking zones, please click on the link below.

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Find and reserve a bike or scooter nearby on Uber.


You’ll be able to find and reserve a bike or scooter using the Uber app.

You can ride JUMP bikes and scooters anywhere within the service zone indicated on the map above, which is also available in the app. When you’re finished riding, leave your bike parked within the same zone. Bikes parked outside of the zone are subject to additional fees.

Finish a bike trip by inserting the lock cable completely and locking to a bike rack, if possible. Finish a scooter trip within the app. Park responsibly, in an appropriate location without blocking circulation of pedestrians or vehicles. Parke close to other fixed objects out of pedestrians way.

Park inside the JUMP zone shown on the map in your app, and be aware of no-parking, recommended and mandatory parking areas.

JUMP bikes or scooters parked outside of the service zone indicated on the map above, also available in the app, will result in a 20€ additional fee. Bikes parked in No Parking Zones are subject to a 15€ additional fee.

Avoid obstructing circulation and accesses of pedestrians, other road users, entrance to vehicles and buildings.

The no parking zones are highlighted in the Uber app. If you try to end a trip in a no parking zone, the app will send you a prompt asking you to leave the zone to end your trip. We ask that you check your app before parking, park your bike responsibly, and help us make JUMP a positive addition to Lisbon.

As a registered user of Jump you benefit from personal accident insurance (for specific injuries you may sustain) and civil liability insurance (for liabilities to third parties) during the use of the Jump service during the coverage period:

The Personal Accident Insurance provides the following coverages:

  • Accidental death: payment to the Customer’s beneficiary of €50,000;
  • Permanent disablement: payment up to €50,000 depending on the degree of permanent disability suffered;
  • Funeral expense: reimbursement payment to the Customer’s beneficiary of up to €6,000;
  • Repatriation costs: reimbursement payment to the Customer’s beneficiary of up to €5,000;

The Civil Liability Insurance provides up to € 1,000,000 of cover for each accident

Note: These insurance covers are subject to respective terms, conditions & exclusions that you can read here:

In the event you’ve been in an accident and think you might have a claim, please submit a claim via one of the following channels:

To Jump through the Jump app (information you provide may be shared with the Insurer, AXA);

  • In writing to our support team:
  • If the accident involved a third party, please ensure that you notify us of the incident as soon as possible, but in any event within 14 days of the accident.

Your notification obligations are outlined in full in the above policy documents. Please note that a failure to notify an accident or claim in accordance with applicable policy terms may affect your cover under that policy.