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Meet JUMP. Electric-assist bikes that provide a boost up to 15mph as you ride.

£1 to unlock, then just £0.12 per minute.

Clock starts when you unlock or reserve a bike via the Uber app.

You can reserve a bike for up to 15 minutes while you walk to pick it up.

You can hold your bike for 15 minutes while you're using it, for example, if you need to run into a shop.

Charges apply during this time.

JUMP is for 18 years+

You can only rent a JUMP bike if you are over the age of 18.

Parking zone

Help us make JUMP a positive part of London by always parking responsibly. In Hackney, this means parking neatly inside an official parking spot. In the rest of our service area, this means parking to the side of a wide pavement or next to a bike rack, where it won’t be in the way. Never obstruct pedestrians, cars, shops, bus stops or accessibility ramps. Always be mindful of others.

Want a new parking bay near you?

Thanks for using JUMP bikes in Hackney. Click the link below to submit a request for a new parking bay somewhere near you.

Want JUMP in your neighbourhood?

If you would like to see Jump bikes near your home or office, enter your post code and support JUMP's expansion in London.


Certain requirements and features vary by country, region, and city.