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Introducing JUMP bikes.

On-demand electric bikes. Exclusively on Uber.

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How to ride

01 — FIND

Open the Uber app and select RIDE from the top menu to see, find and reserve a JUMP bike nearby.

02 — RIDE

Simply scan the QR code on the bike to unlock and go - please ride safely.

03 — PARK

Park your bike responsibly and out of the way of pedestrians, cars and accessibility ramps. (This means leaving your bike to the side of a wide pavement, where it won’t be in the way.)

To end your trip, lock the bike using the cable lock on the back wheel. Please email us on if you have a parking concern.

JUMP Cities

JUMP is bringing on-demand personal electric vehicles to cities everywhere.

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Ride Safe.   Ride Smart.

JUMP bikes allow you to go further, get there faster, and have more fun - but please ride safe.

Always follow traffic laws, and end each ride responsibly. Think about wearing a helmet.

Read more tips and safety information.

Grab a Helmet

We’ve partnered with Closca to offer JUMP users a 20% discount on their innovative and safe collapsible helmet, which easily tucks into a bag. Use the promo code CLOSCALOVESJUMP on the Closca website.

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  • “The e-assist is awesome!”


  • “The uphills felt like downhills”

    Amit G.

  • “Affordable and fast!”

    Nina B.

  • “Thank you for bringing it to Bayview”

    Steve S.

  • "The riding experience is amazing"

    Tyler F.

  • “Tested them all & @jumpbikes was by far the best”


Ride with Uber

Find and rent JUMP electric bikes directly from the Uber app.

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