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Meet JUMP. Electric-assist bikes and scooters that provide a boost up to 25km/h as you ride.

Reserve on Uber.

Go further, get there faster, and have more fun.

1€ to unlock, then just 0.20€* per minute.

*Price per minute may increase or decrease depending on demand at certain times and in certain areas. Always check your Uber App before riding.

Clock starts when you reserve a bike or scooter in the Uber app.

You can reserve a bike or scooter for up to 15 minutes while you walk to pick it up

Place a bike or scooter on hold for up to an hour.

Charges apply during this time.



Parking zone

Help us make JUMP a positive part of Munich by always parking responsibly. This means locking your bike when you're done and never blocking pavements or accessibility ramps.

Always check your app before you park to make sure you are within our service area, and never leave your bike or scooter in red no parking zones. Parking in a no-parking zone or outside the service area will result in a fine of up to €15.

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